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Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, a popular female journalist, human rights activist, medical doctor, and politician from Sierra Leone, Africa
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@iam_abdulaijay @MaEllenSirleaf @yakisawyerr Don't tag me on NONSENSE tweets from Old Mama. Instead of keeping her self-respect, she is embarrassing herself by continuously interfering in our 🇸🇱 politics with repeat endorsement of a failure like Freetown Mayor whose string of failures span "Hilton Hotel" to Filthy Freetown.

🇬🇧✝️Mama Queen is dead. 😢😢😢I am feeling so sad. It's like I lost my grandmother all over again. They had shared the same birth year and so much more in common. May her soul rest in perfect peace. https://t.co/r2YOji5tEJ

🕯️✝️ My prayers and my thoughts are with 🇬🇧Mama Queen and the people of Great Britain - especially her scions. May God take control. https://t.co/wuC6y5gik5

I know DIFFERENCE between the individual "H.E. First Lady Fatima Maada Bio" & administrative entity created under Office of the President which is known as "Office of the First Lady" so I am standing FIRMLY with First Lady Fatima on that latest recycled nonsense they call "news". https://t.co/uPmuUnGlKj

Well over 415,465 Sierra Leoneans registered as Voters so far in our country. This is information just released by 🇸🇱Electoral Commissioner @MKKonnehECSL at ongoing press meet. He also 🤞claims VR challenges of hardware & software (especially for 1st Time Voters) are being solved

@MarieKuwait This is a nasty, malicious act and it is unfortunate that you guys can be so malicious. After falsely accusing me of being an RUF rebel, the best "evidence" you can bring forward is a picture of a Ugandan girl child soldier from the following news website: https://t.co/zK7w3wbMWi https://t.co/Zr6g5yjGRI

🇺🇲 condescends that 🇸🇱 should "exercise restraint, temper rhetoric" even as TERRORISM Acts are swept under carpets due to INEPT @PresidentBio 🇸🇱Govt. Hope 🇺🇲 can also ask those sharing LIES that only North & West have faulty VR machines, to "exercise restraint, temper rhetoric"☹️ https://t.co/Hge0js3U3A

🇬🇧😃💕ELIZABETH is name now leading the British State & the British Government. This Oct 2021 photo shows Queen Elizabeth (Head of State) with upcoming British Prime Minister (Head of Government) Elizabeth Truss. 96 year old Queen Elizabeth is 49 years older than Elizabeth Truss. https://t.co/JNTT6ooPJY

Since I started observing 🇸🇱Elections in 1996; under INEC then NEC & now ECSL, we have always had extension of originally slated periods of days for Voter Registration (VR) exercises. I don't believe this 2022 Registration will be any different. There may likely be VR extension.

🇸🇱🗳️I deployed media volunteers across Sierra Leone. I can confirm that challenges with hardware batteries & malfunctioned software during Voter Registration exercise is NATIONWIDE. It is not limited to only North & West. In Pujehun, Moyamba, Kenema, etc., similar reports abound.