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Benjamin Menelik George as he was originally named by his parents, is commonly known as Benji, Drizilik, Drizla or Ben 10/10. He was born in 1994, was raised and gained his educational and entertainment background in Feetown, Sierra Leone.

He became one of the most popular Sierra Leonean artistes in December 2015, by being a character who contributed to the rise of the "New School" by releasing one hit song that portrayed true Salone music identity, after the long drift away; titled pop collar. He released his debut album titled "Shukubly" on December 1st 2018. The 10 track LP was led by the single "Shukubly" ft Dj Rampage. The shukubly project got on to influence not only the sound of the new generation but brought to light a whole new fashion trend amongst Sierra Leoneans home and abroad. The album critically acclaimed and earned him 4 wins at the National Entertainment awards, including Album of the Year, Best Afro Hip Hop Artiste of The Year, Male artist of the year and Best Live Performer. Exactly 2 weeks after, He won his wish upon a star award; The All Works of Life (AWOL) Artiste of the year.
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The official music video for Drizilik's new single Ashobi featuring Idris Elba, performed by Drizilik and Idris Elba. Ashobi Album out ...

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